Let Us Show Off Your Pet!
If you would like to show off your pet on our home page, please provide us with the following:

1. A picture of your pet that meets the following requirements-
-must be in .jpg format
-no larger than the one now on the home page, approx, 2-3" square
(If your camera does not take e-mail-sized pictures and you have
no photo shop program to resize the picture, e-mail us before you
send a picture to us-see below for e-mail link)

2. The following information about you and your pet-
-your name or family's name (it will be used with the picture)
-the pet's name
-the breed of the animal, if unusual or hard to determine by looks
-the pet's age
-your address (town or city only)
-your phone number (will not be shown on the web page)
-your e-mail address (will not be shown on the web page)

Your pet will be displayed on our home page in the order that we receive pictures, and will remain there for a minimum of a week, longer if there are no other pictures waiting.
If your pet's picture does not appear for awhile after providing it, it is because there are several ahead of yours.

To provide your pet's picture, add it to your e-mail as an attachment.  (Please put "Picture for ARF Home Page" in the Subject line). Click here to send it to us.  And thank you for letting us use your pet's picture!