The following cats reside at Animal Control in Centreville, Michigan.  (269) 467-6475.  All cats at AC are owner-release.

Private rescue cats are listed below the AC cats.
The following cats are private rescue
No cats below this point at this time
These are (top to bottom):

Little Girl (temporary name), a female Calico who is very playful (loves fetch), good with children and will "talk" to you.  She was one year old in May.

Little Boy (temporary name), a male who loves to snuggle and play. He loves children and other cats.
He was one year old in May.

Nightshade (temporary name) is a female who is very playful and likes to lay with you. She is a very loving cat who has been around children. She is about a year old.

Shadow is a female Calico who is just over a year old. She is a small girl who is extremely loving and playful.  She loves to play and snuggle.

None of these cats has been spayed or neutered.

Diane: (269) 816-0446

This is Baby, an approximately nine-month-to-one year-old female who was rescued as a stray. She is friendly, but does not seem to like men.

Marjorie- (269) 273-7293
No AC Cats at This Time