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We are currently holding a monthly toenail clinic
to trim your dog's toenails.

The clinic is held on the first Saturday of each month
at the Three Rivers TSC store off US-131.

It runs from 10:00am-12:00pm

The price is a donation to ARF
Got the cutest pet in the world?
Then prove it!

We will be sponsoring our annual
"Cutest Pet Picture Contest"
at the St. Joseph County Fair from
September 15-21.

To enter, send us a picture by September 7th
-Only one pet in the picture
-No humans in the picture
-No smaller than 4x6, no larger than 5x7
-Include your name, the pet's name and your
phone number (on the back of the picture or
in the body of the e-mail)

Two ways to enter:
-Mail to
Pet Contest
Animal Rescue Fund
P.O. Box 593
Centreville, MI 49032
-E-mail to
(please resize to e-mail size before sending)

Space is limited, so get your cute picture in early!
Our annual Walkathon will take place this year on September 28 from 10:00am-Noon.
It will be held, once again, at
Scidmore Park in Three Rivers.

There will be prizes for the top donation collectors, as well as fun & games for the dogs,
including the amazing agility course.

For rules and registration information, please go