Our monthly meetings are normally held on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Intermediate School District Building on Shimmel Road in Centreville, MI., except June, July and August, when the ISD building is closed for the summer.  Contact any ARF member to determine meeting places during those months.  Anyone interested in the welfare of animals in St. Joseph County is welcome to attend.

Straw/Food Program
Our straw sale & emergency pet food  program is underway.  We have bales of straw for sale for outdoor dogs for a donation, or they can be free to those who cannot afford a donation.
In addition, we have dog and cat food available free to those faced with a financial emergency.
For more information, please call (269) 279-6251 (Saturdays) or (269) 816-0187.  Free straw/pet food is limited to residents of St. Joseph County, MI

Please patronize the businesses who have our jars and make a donation to help us out

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