St. Joseph County, Michigan
Mail or Donations:  P.O. Box 593, Centreville, MI  49032
"Raising Funds for Animal Welfare"
The Animal Rescue Fund was organized in April, 1998, as a way of raising funds for the welfare of animals in our area.
We do not operate an animal shelter, but support those who do.
Our activities and financial assistance programs are limited to St. Joseph County, Michigan.
We are always seeking new members.
For more information, see our
"About ARF" page, or click on the link below.
Events &
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Doggy Wash

Toenail Clinic

Cutest Pet Picture
Contest 2021


Pet Pictures
With Santa

"Recognition of Service to Animals" Award

Garage Sale

 Pet Food Drive

"Pizza for Paws"

Bingo Party

Golf Outing

This is Lucie 2 and Luci,
two Mini-Dachshunds
who are members of the Knepper family of
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Three Rivers & Sturgis, MI
Three Rivers, MI
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Number of Pets We Have Helped Get Spayed or Neutered
Dollar Amount We Have Spent on Spay/Neuter Assistance
An unspayed female dog, her mate and all their
puppies and their puppies' puppies, if none are
ever spayed or neutered, add up to:
1 year - 16
2 years - 128
3 years - 512
4 years - 2,048
5 years - 12,298
6 years - 67,000
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Three Rivers, MI
"With proper training, a man can become a dog's best friend"
-Corey Ford
Three Rivers, MI
Three Rivers, MI